Sugar Free Truffle Gift Box - 1 lb

By Neuchatel


Using Maltitol as a sugar substitute, our sugar free chocolates are safe for diabetics. The sweetness level of maltitol is about 90% that of sugar. Maltitol provides 3.0 calories per gram compared to approximately 4.0 calories per gram from sugar. Replacing all of the sugar in a product with maltitol powder results in a calorie reduction between 12% and 15%.

Neuchatel's Sugar-Free Truffle Assortment:

  • Milk Chocolate Truffle - Purple Foil
  • Milk Chocolate Rum Truffle - Red Foil
  • Dark Chocolate Truffle - Blue Foil
  • Dark Champagne Truffle - Gold Foil
  • Hazelnut Truffle - Pink Foil