Milk Chocolate: Simply silken Swiss milk chocolate blended with the richest fresh cream

Dark Chocolate: A superb unmitigated experience of dark chocolate, cream, and real vanilla

White Chocolate: A cloud of white chocolate mousse lightly tinged with cherry brandy

Caramel: Luxurious buttery caramel cavorts with creamy chocolate

Gianduja (Hazelnut): A silky-smooth blend of hazelnuts and roasted almonds with luscious chocolate

Dark Mint: Peppermint liquor adds zing to our dark chocolate mousse

Milk Raspberry: Ambrosial melding of raspberry puree and milk chocolate mousse

Dark Raspberry: Indulgent marriage of dark chocolate mousse and raspberry puree

Extra Dark Chocolate: 72% chocolate mousse encased in pure cocoa powder

Dark Mocha: The renowned richness of Columbian coffee meets chocolate in a perfect union


Milk Champagne: Milk chocolate mousse combined with fine champagne

Dark Champagne: Fine champagne ganache marries dark chocolate in complex sophistication

Milk Grand Mariner: Grand Mariner creates the classic combination of orange and fine chocolate

Dark Grand Mariner: Dark chocolate mousse combines with orange liquor for a truly delectable treat

Amaretto: A hint of almond from fine amaretto enhances the flavor of rich chocolate mousse

Bailey's Irish Cream: Milk chocolate mousse combined with Irish cream liquor

Wine: Dark chocolate mousse and a dark chocolate shell combine with locally sourced wine create an enticing treat

Rum: Dark Puerto Rican rum and rich mousse enrobed in dark chocolate

Brandy: Chocolate mousse combined with a sophisticated vintage brandy

Bourbon: Decadent dark mousse blended with aged bourbon


Vegan Saffron Pistachio Cup: Infused with rich saffron and pistachio marzipan encased in decadent dark chocolate

Vegan Coconut: Coconut milk and coconut sugar provide the base for this unmatched vegan truffle treat

Vegan Almond Cup: Handcrafted with exquisite almond paste and rich dark chocolate

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Apr 08, 2020


"Just wanted to follow-up and thank you. The chocolates were a great success; everyone loved them. Of course, they were delicious and the presentation was very attractive. Thanks again."