Chocolate Drops

By Neuchatel


7oz Bag of Chocolate Drops

Neuchatel Swiss Chocolate Drops are manufactured exclusively with the finest raw materials, all of which are selected according to the strictest criteria.

We use pure Grand Cru Chocolate made of Criollo Nacional Cocoa with the mark of origin Arriba Mocache, Los Rios, and Ecuador. The cocoa butter is pure prime quality from the first pressing and guaranteed to contain no additional vegetable fat. We also use only pure vanilla from Madagascar.

Our Swiss chocolate drops are conched for 72 hours in our original conches. To ensure this premium quality, all stages of processing - from roasting to refining the product by a gentle traditional method - are carried out with the greatest care and attention in the Switzerland plant.

Dark Swiss Chocolate Drops: Our Dark Swiss Chocolate drops are made from Criollo cocoa, Maracaibo clasificado 65%. This chocolate has a well-balanced combination of coffee and plum aroma which enhances the distinct cocoa flavour. The traditional gentle processing method unfolds the aromas of orange blossom and cinnamon which convey to the Maracaibo Clasifcado 65% a festive character, enhanced with a light sweet bouquet leading to a long final sensation. Overall, this chocolate is aromatic, fruity, and slightly bitter.

Extra Dark Swiss Chocolate Drops: Our Extra Dark Swiss Chocolate drops are made of Criollo cocoa, Arriba 72%. This cocoa taste is enhanced by the intensive coffee and liquorice fragrance conveying Arriba to an unforgettable sensuous experience. The traditional gentle processing method (72 hours conching) unfolds the intensive bouquet leading to a long-lasting finish of a light flowery black-currant note. Overall, this chocolate is full-bodied, well-balanced with a delicate trace of spice, and slightly bitter.